My Italian line is the shortest here in the United States, having been here for just over 100 years now. Cristoforo Montalbano was born in Sicily June 17, 1852 (or 1853). He traveled to the United States sometime in the early 1890s, as he was listed as a naturalized citizen in the 1900 Census. Family lore holds that he travelled through New Orleans to reach Omaha, Nebraska. One family story holds that a member of the Italian Counselate (from New Orleans) went back to Italy and brought many men and families to the US because of the good job market. Another story is that a few men ended up in Omaha, got good jobs, and went back to their home towns and convinced others to immigrate. [1]

In any case, Pappa was married to Mary Nina Rotolo on January 10, 1899, at St. Filomena’s Church in Omaha. Mary was born May 19, 1884, daughter of Giovanni Rotolo and Maria Roffo. Her older sister Maria married Nunzio Oddo in a double wedding ceremony. Brother Sam married Salvatore (unknown maiden name) in 1890 in Sicily, who both immigrated sometime in 1894 according to the 1910 Census. Sister Rosaria married Giuseppe Salerno in 1894 in Sicily, and were in Omaha in 1895 according to the 1900 Census.

Pappa and Mamma had 6 children over 20 years: Anthony Jack, John V., Marie, Joseph, Katherine, & Jean. Anthony Jack Montalbano became Anthony Jack Monty upon the completion of his medical degree at Creighton University in 1928, and the beginning of his internship at the Santa Clara County Hospital (in California). The rest of the family changed their name as well. Jean is my mom.

A. B.Mamma-wallet-B&W-crop C.

A. Cristoforo Montalbano, unknown date
B. Mary Nina Rotolo Montalbano, unknown date
C. Anthony Montalbano (Tony Monty), “Il giovane Signor Anthony Montalbano, figlio del popolare e stimato connazionale Signor Cristoforo, che il mese entrante iniziera’ alla Creighton University l’ultimo anno di Medicina e Chirurgia. (“..on of the Italian Colony, Omaha, Nebraska 24 Luglio 1925″)”

[1] (article about Italians in Omaha)
[2] US Census Records



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