My Erskine history is well documented from about 1785. Nearly all of this work was done by Clarinda Margaret Erskine, just over 100 years ago. There are at least two different versions of this document that I’m aware of, one written and sent to her Faunce cousins June 30, 1891, and one written about 1896 for Samuel Bushfield. Both contain some of the same errors. None of the information is source referenced. She begins with some of the history of the Reverend Henry, and his sons the Reverends Ebenezer and Ralph. She goes on to say

“Our family did not come through Ebenezer or Ralph Erskine but through their brother. Some think his name was unknown, other’s think his name was Hugh Erskine, and Hugh had a son Archibald and He had four son’s three of them came to this Country and lived in Philadelphia PA before the Revolutionary war. One was a Tailor and other was a Shipwright carpenter and the third a shoe dealer. One of them went into New Jersey and other into Virginia and the third into New England. There are Erskines in all these regions. There is found the record of the marriages of two Erskine’s in the record of the Swedes Church, Philadelphia in the Penna. Archives. One was William and the other —– which is taken to be them. His fourth son Robert was born about the year 1730, was married to Miss Margaret Crumly and died in Ireland at the age of 40 years of bilious colic. The Erskine family came from County Down between Augher and Claugher and their place of worship was Comtall or Findermore Bridge.”

The complete text can be found on this site as well as Lois Mauk’s site.

Elizabeth Erskine was the second child of Robert Erskine and Margaret Crumly, born in County Down Ireland about 1758. She was married in 1777 to Samuel Bushfield in Ireland. They came to this County about 1782 or 3 with their two children, her mother and brother John Erskine. Their infant Daughter died on the way. John Erskine and his mother settled in Chester Co. Pa, but Samuel Bushfield and family settled in Washington Co. Pa, three miles south of West Alexander. They had eight children: John, the daughter who died at sea, Margaret, Mary, Elizabeth, Rebeckah, Jane, and Ann.

Jane Bushfield was the seventh child of Elizabeth and Samuel Bushfield. She married Robert McFarland. They lived near West Liberty, Ohio Co. W.Va. and had seven children.Their two oldest sons, Samuel and James McFarland, died young. Their oldest daughter Elizabeth married her Cousin John McFarland, and they lived in Linn Co., Iowa. Their second daughter Jane married William Darling and they live in Missouri. Their third daughter Margaret married Abner Doble. Their third son William married Miss Alice Curtis and they live in California. Their fourth son John married Miss Ella Low; they live in Delaware, Delaware Co., Ohio.

Margaret Bushfield McFarland was born November 22, 1830, in West Liberty, Ohio Co., WV. She died February 14, 1904 in Berkeley, Alameda Co., CA. See the McFarland page for more details.

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