Ole Bergson, San Francisco, CA 1887 Augusta Elizabeth Kuchel, 1888 (Mrs. Ole Bergson), San Francisco
Ole Bergson was born about 1828/1829 in Norway. It is unknown when he immigrated to the US. He ended up in either Indiana or San Francisco, because his wife, Augusta Elizabeth Kuchel, was born in Indiana. In 1860 they were living in San Francisco, with their first four children — Emma, Oscar, Ealo (Elo), and Lena (Eleanor?) noted in the 1870 Census. By 1880, they had moved to Fulton Street in Berkeley. Albert was born in 1870, and Eda in 1880.

Ole was a carpenter, and apparently had a thriving business, but lost it all. I’m not sure why, but rumor has it that he had a drinking problem. We don’t know when he died. Three of the boys died as young men: Albert M.(died in 1888, age 17), Elo T. (died in 1887, age 23), & Oscar A. (died in 1891, age 28). [1]

Emma Bergson, 1876 Emma Bergson Doyle, unknown date
Emma Lundahl Bergson was born 12/21/1860 in San Francisco, educated, and married Michael J. Doyle on August 30, 1885. They lived in San Francisco briefly, and moved to Berkeley by 1890 (he re-registered to vote then). For a long time I only knew of 6 children, but the 1910 Census indicates that she had 7 children and only 5 living. The eldest child is Dorothy Doyle (Dimmler), followed by Florence Doyle (Gabbert), Victor Hugo Doyle, Lincoln Doyle, Franklin Doyle and Marjorie Doyle. Lincoln apparently died of ruptured appendicitis. He is buried with his parents and grandmother at Mountain View Cemetary, in Oakland. Emma died November 12, 1941, in the home of her daughter Marjorie.


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